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Ihor Vinnytskyi

Сounsel, Attorney at law

Ihor Vinnitsky is a leading specialist of the Firm in the areas of corporate governance, risk management and compliance.

Ihor has an extensive knowledge and expertise on the existing risks in doing business, building a security system and control of economic activities of enterprises, introducing procedures for minimizing the negative implications for companies.

He has a recognised experience in the field of criminal law and procedure, activities of the state bodies of the security sector, economic security, internal financial control, and internal audit.

Ihor consults clients on the issues, such as security systems auditing and controlling the economic activities of the enterprise security services, advising on the procedural and technical means of ensuring business security, development of anti-corruption policies, conducting internal investigations into the facts of fraud and corruption within the companies.

Ihor Vinnitsky is the author of a range of articles on the organisation, implementation, and improvement of departmental control.

Bar Admissions:

  • Ukraine


  • Association of Advocates of Ukraine;
  • American Chamber of Commerce;
  • European Business Association.

Knowledge of languages:

  • Ukrainian
  • Russian

Advisory services to a leading Ukrainian bank as regards potential corruption risks in connection with employment of persons of certain categories, development of an action plan to identify such risks, coordination and evaluation of effectiveness of its implementation.


Design of the program (see below) and advisory services to a major Ukrainian spirits producer as regards implementation of an anti-corruption program, independent audit of efficiency of the units authorized to detect and prevent corruption at the company.


Advisory services to a global leader of the sector of production of medicines, household goods, and healthcare and hygiene goods during investigation of corruption-related incidents at the company. Issue of explanations, policy and advisory assistance on documenting formal results of such investigations.


Design of guidelines as regards prevention of corruption and fraudulent acts within labor disputes by the employees of a leader of paint and coatings products market of Ukraine.


Advisory services to a leading producer and distributor of clothes, footwear, and accessories within investigation of facts of leakage of information at the company with subsequent design of appropriate internal regulations to prevent such incidents.


Successful defense against hostile takeover of a company with foreign investment, a leader on the market of automated systems and equipment.


Protection of the interests of a global leader in the sector on production of medicines and household goods to detect the sources of leakage of commercial information subsequently used to hamper the process of re-registration of the medicines made by the company.


Internal investigations in the interests of an international holding to identify persons that illegally misappropriated the company's funds via transactions through dummy companies.


Design of an internal policy on decision making and rules of work with counterparties for a major chemical products manufacturer.


Design of the corporate security system to counteract hostile takeovers for Printec ІТ company .

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