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Igor Vinnytskyi Told About the Organisation of Internal Investigations and the Latest Methodologies

publication . 21 September 2017

On September 20, within the framework of the II International Compliance Forum, Igor Vinnytskyi, Lawyer and Counsel at GOLAW, shared his insights on the organisation of internal investigations. In his speech, he told why it was necessary to pay attention to the proper organisation of such investigations, how one needed to work with top managers, and what the correct way to form the commission was.


Ihor Vinnytskyi

Сounsel, Attorney at law

The GOLAW Counsel noted that the culture of the market for internalinvestigations was still in the process of development. At times, entrepreneurs did not understand the importance of building internal security systems. Therefore, in the lawyer’s opinion, it was necessary to correctly present the purpose, risks, and legal consequences of conducting internal investigations. “Some people are inclined to perceive internal investigations as the work of law enforcement or controlling agencies that render a verdict and impose punishments. In fact, their task is to establish facts and circumstances of violations, as well as identify persons involved in their commission”, emphasised Igor Vinnytskyi.

“One of the main methods is to study in detail the experience of previous investigations. By conducting an internal investigation for one firm and analysing the audits
that preceded our own, we discovered violations which had not been detected for three years”, Igor Vinnytskyi shared his own experience. “However, any method used will bring no results without the proper formation of commissions and a clear definition of powers given to their members”, added the lawyer. “The commission on internal investigations has to be formed in such a way as to make it include necessary professionals and exclude interested persons who could affect the investigation results”, said the professional.

For reference: Igor Vinnytskyi is a leading GOLAW professional in the field of ensuring business security, risk management, and compliance. The attorney advises clients on issues, such as organising a comprehensive business security system (including the audit of existing systems), controlling the financial and
economic activities, development of anti-corruption policies, and conducting internal investigations into fraud and corruption.


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